Emphasis on Education

Let’s open up these young minds and bodies to ALL KINDS of dance from Fred Astaire to Janet Jackson, from Pilobulus to Barishnikov. Sometimes it’s hard to accomplish this goal within the framework of a 1-hour, once-a-week class which is why I have the DANCE LIBRARY, VIDEO TAPES, SEMINARS, and DANCE CAMPS available to broaden their dance experience. CONTESTS can be a fun part of dancing as long as they are not the sole reason for class. Dancing in competition after competition reduces class technique and learning time and makes dance more a sport than an art. An occasional contest to sharpen skills is a welcome reward for those students who work hard and show special talent. If you want to win a lot of trophies, join a sports team. Children who have a solid dance background will have gained more than just the ability to dance well. They will know the value of teamwork, responsibility to themselves and others, respect and appreciation for the commitment and effort that goes into any performance art, a new appreciation for all kinds of music. They will probably grow to be responsible adults who know the value of working for a goal, budgeting their time, supporting the arts, and have been known to find themselves tap dancing to a Fred Astaire tune down the supermarket aisle.

I believe in parent participation in class so the parent and child will build a “dance relationship” together. Also, this way the parent knows what’s going on at all times.